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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cookie Order Forms

Hi all!  I'm back from #CookieCon2015 !  What an amazing time, filled with cookies and friends!

So much to share.  I'll start with the forms that I promised to those that attended my class at CookieCon.  Thank you, by the way, for attending!  It was amazing to meet so many people and talk to them about their businesses.  I hope that I was able to offer some helpful advice.

On to the forms!

This first one is filled out after all of the details for an order have been finalized.  Every detail goes on this form.  I think all of the fields are pretty self-explanatory.

Once the payment has been made, it goes into my binder.  I have dividers for each month.  The order forms go behind the correct month, in chronological order.

Yes, this is rather old school.  I like having this piece of paper in front of me while decorating.

Just click her for my Cookie Order Form.  It will take you to the xcel document shared on Microsoft's OneDrive. Save it to your own computer then make any edits that you'd like.

The second form is my Production Schedule.  I also fill this out at the same time as the first form.  This one goes into a paper clipped stack, in chronological order by Bake Date (not due date).

I use it to check off everything I need prior to completing the order - print out anything for the KopyKake or transfers, cut ribbon, put stickers on the backs of favor bags, etc.

What I primarily use this form for is cutting out the dough.  I generally make dough on Mondays.  One batch of dough for me is 12 cups, so it's a pretty good sized batch.  After the dough is made, I start with the form on top to see what shapes need to be cut out.  I write down how many of each shape I cut.  Then put a great big check mark across the whole "dough" section once I've cut everything.  The cut out shapes go into the freezer until baking time.

Then I move on to the next form in the stack.  Cut all of those shapes.  Check it off.  Move to the next form.  Continue until all of the dough is used.  The next time I make dough, I'll start where I left off.  Make sense?

Just click here for my Production Schedule Form.

Question for you: Do you have another method of recording the details of an order?  Let us know in the comments.

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Cookies are available for order through my website.

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  1. Thank you for the forms and thanks for all the great information you gave us at Cookie Con. I learned so much from your presentation.

    1. You are so welcome Tina! I'm thrilled that I could be of some help. :)

  2. Thank you so much! I know you keep calling your system old school, but to me it's logical! I am interested on how you format your cookie parties. I'm a home-based cookier and would like to incorporate this idea to help generate new business and make extra money. Could you or have you done a blog post on this?

    1. Hi Kim. I haven't, but could sometime! Feel free to contact me privately if you'd like. It could be a while until I get to the blog post. :)

  3. Hello Dotty. I found your informative blog this afternoon. I am at the beginning stage of starting my cookie business. I clicked the Cookie Order form and Production Schedule form links, but the links did not work. May I please have copies of your forms? My e-mail address is Thank you very much. :)


    1. Hi Nakale. Sorry about that! The links are fixed. Please try again.

    2. Hi Dotty! You made my morning with your quick reply. I was not expecting it at all. I tried the links again, but they do not work. :)


    3. Sooo sorry. I think I have it now. Please try again!

    4. Yes! The link is working. Thank you very much!! :)


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