Google Sugar Dot Cookies: June 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wedding Sugar Cookies

My sister got married last weekend and of course I made cookies for the reception. She chose the shapes and the colors and asked for about 110 cookies. Pretty much free reign. Love that.

My Dad and niece helped. My Dad flooded every single heart and quite a few of the large flowers. My niece did some flooding and piped all of the small flowers. They were a HUGE help!

Here's my Dad flooding away. He did an amazing job! I knew he would.

And here are the cookies.....

My niece also made 200 cupcakes! And they were amazing! Lots of different cake flavors, fillings and icing flavors. Very impressive. I wish I had a photo of them.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sugar Cookies for a Cardiologist

I made these cookies for my Dad's doctor.  Just a little thank you gift to show our appreciation.

They were really fast to decorate.  All wet-on-wet.  The hearts have EKG lines.  I think.  I just hope they reflect a healthy heart!  Prescription pad pages.  Easy!

After receiving cookies, the doctor is obligated to keep my Dad's heart in perfect working order.  Right?

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Art School Graduation Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

The request was artist palettes for an art school graduate.

These were really fun to decorate.

I'm sure you know what my only regret is......the cutter.  I used an oval.  It's not a huge deal but I sure wish the cookie shape matched the design better.

The wood grain is simply painted on with food coloring.

Cute tag, huh?  I've teamed up with my cousin, Meghann.  She's an amazing graphic designer.  My customers go to her to have her design tags to match the cookies.  She also designs invitations, thank you cards, etc.  Check out her awesome work!  Blank Canvas Creative

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