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Monday, July 28, 2014

Jumbo Crab Cookies

A HUGE Maryland Crab Cookie

This was a whopper!  About 6 inches across!  My neighbor owns this beautiful copper cutter.  He lent it to me to try out.

So cute!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kentucky Derby Bridal Shower Cookies

Sugar Cookies Decorated With Royal Icing -Kentucky Derby Theme

This set was so fun to decorate.  I loved each and every cookie. 

The horses. 

The ladies hats.  Those are two cookies stacked.  The tiny flowers on the hats and the plaque.  Love. 

Cookies available for purchase on my website.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Baby Shower Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing for a Baby Shower

Gosh, it's been ages since I've posted.  It certainly isn't because I haven't been cookieing.  I've been busy with that but neglected to post photos here.  Let's remedy that!

Onesies, bottles, and a message cookie for a baby shower.  Polka dots always make for a fun design.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

My New Cookie Space

There have been some major changes at Sugar Dot Cookies!

I've been using the kitchen of a local bakery to make my cookies.  The retail store of the bakery has now closed.  The owner has kept the location to do custom orders only.  With the store gone, she's got plenty of room for me to move in!  I've taken over half of the space to work on my cookies and to have cookie decorating parties!!!!

I've scheduled my first party for Friday, June 25th, 2014.  We'll be decorating summer-themed cookies.  The bakery is in Middletown, MD (just outside of Frederick).  If you'd like to join me, you may sign up here.

These are the cookies we'll be working on for the party.

How about a peek at the space as it has evolved so far?

Pretty empty!
The space is divided into two sections.  You can see the kitchen through that door.
From the back of the space, looking to the front.
Boy can I fill up shelves quickly!  Don't you love that red chair?!  I do!
This is the opposite wall with orders ready to go out.  Cookie cutters on the back wall.  The center of the room is empty - for now.  Table and chairs to come soon!
That's me putting up my sign.
Ta da!  I love it!

More photos to curtain for the back wall, lots of stuff to hang on the walls, the table and chairs.  :)

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Princess and Pirate Cookies

Sugar Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing - Princess Sofia Crowns and Pirate Anchors

These cookies were for a twins' birthday party.  I made cookies for them last year too.  It was really fun for me to be able to do it again for them!

Princess Sofia crowns for her and anchors for Jake and the Pirates loving boy.

Once again the tags were designed by Blank Canvas Creative

Cookies available for purchase on my website -  Sugar Dot Cookies.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jungle Animal Cookies

Jungle Animals - Lion, Giraffe, Elephant, and Monkey Sugar Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing

These jungle animal cookies were made for a baby shower.  Little pink bows for a sweet baby girl soon to arrive.

The tags, as always, were designed by Blank Canvas Creative. She always does an amazing job!

Cookies are available for purchase on my website - Sugar Dot Cookies.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Used Bakery Display Cases For Sale

I have some news.  Big, huge, great news.  I'm not quite ready to share it yet.  Very soon.

This post has something to do with it though.

These display cases are in the bakery where I make my cookies.  They're for sale.  Big changes are coming to the bakery.

Here is Case #1........

1.  Refrigerated case - oak outside, 6 ft in length, 3 ft width, 4 ft 2 inches in height. 2-n-1 display with half refrigerated/half non-refrigerated sides, curved glass front opens completely from front for easy load in-out, also has 2 sliding glass reach-in doors on back, insulated glass, mirrored ends, doors & divider inside, 3 heavy tempered glass shelves in both sections which can be adjusted, all 3 shelves are lighted, 120 volts, single phase, single power outlet & light switch on unit. Has area on wood that's dinged but otherwise in great condition! New sells for $12000, asking $3200 OBO

And Case #2........

2.  Non-refrigerated unit - metal & beige outside, 4 ft in length, 3 ft width, 4 ft 2 inches in height. Has white wire racks, mirrored ends inside. It has light strip inside but it does not work (I never tried to have it fixed) Showing some wear but overall in good condition. New sells for $4500, asking $800 OBO

You move; needs to be done between June 15th and June 25th, 2014.

The cases are at Maggie's Bake Shop in Middletown, MD, just outside of Frederick.  Contact Gayla at Maggie's if you are interested.

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