Google Sugar Dot Cookies: July 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cookies in a Jar - make a great gift!

Cookies in a Jar!  Don't you think these would make a great gift to send to someone?  Sugar cookies decorated with royal icing tucked into a cute jar!

A few months ago, I was offered a wholesale arrangement with a website.  They wanted me to sell cookies.  I don't ship.  I'm afraid of shipping.

I decided to try to come up with a safe method.  I wanted them to have a cute presentation so that they would be perfect for gift giving.  And unique!  I wanted something completely different than what I've seen for shipped cookies.

Enter the mason or canning jar.  Simple round cookies to decrease the possibility of breakage.

The three collections shown are:

Fruit and Flowers with strawberries, cherries and daisies.
Party with cupcakes, presents, bunting and hearts.
Get Well Soon with pills and a prescription label.

I shipped a few jars off to some willing testers.  No breakage and they loved them!

But in the end, I decided to decline the offer.  After adding in the share that the website would get, these jars would be crazy expensive.

So I decided to offer the jars on my own website.  No need to mark them up.

There are 14 cookies in each jar.

They're individually bagged and heat-sealed.

I'd say that they're pretty darn cute!  Hop on over to my website to see more collections and order your own Cookies in a Jar to send to someone you love!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beach Birthday Sugar Cookies

Cookies for a first birthday.  A day at the beach!

The white icing is done with brush embroidery.  Love that technique!

The flip flops, bucket, shovel, and beach ball are all royal icing transfers.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

New House Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

These cookies were for a housewarming party.  Very fun set to decorate!

 Real estate sold signs, moving vans, keys, houses, and mini flowers.

The house cookies were especially fun to do.  I wanted to add many more details though. I could have worked on those all day!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Ice Cream Cone Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

A simple, yet fun cookie design - ice cream cones!

These were made on a whim.  A few days ago, I had my first health department inspection.  *gulp*

The inspector needed to watch me in action at the bakery.  *gulp*

I didn't have an order due just then, but needed to make cookies.  On my way out of the door to the inspection, I grabbed an ice cream cutter. I planned to leave these cookies at the bakery to be sold.

One hour later, I passed!  With flying colors, I might add.  There was just one strike against me.  Apparently I'm supposed to keep all receipts for egg purchases from the last 90 days - at the bakery.  Who knew?  Not me.  Somehow I missed that little tidbit.  In case there's ever an egg recall, my receipts are supposed to be there so that the eggs can be tracked.  I had 30 days to correct this infraction.  It took me one day.  My receipts are there.  Done!  Shew! Yay!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Corporate Logo Sugar Cookies

This was a fun, yet somewhat intimidating cookie order.

A gentleman contacted me asking for cookies for a business meeting. He wanted his company's logo and high speed train designs. He provided a photo of a high speed train and asked for the design to be somewhat realistic, not childish. Eep. The photo of this particular train was going to be used in his presentation, so he wanted the cookies to resemble it. Eep.

Here's what I came up with.....

The logo cookies were a breeze thanks to my KK.

The train cookies turned out pretty well.  I was pleased.

I just hoped he would be.  The pressure is on.  Can cookies make or break a multi-million dollar account?

Ok, I don't know that it was a multi-million dollar account in the balance, and I'm sure that cookies couldn't make or break it, but I really wanted the cookies to wow his clients.  It could give him an edge, right?

I don't know the results of the meeting, but I did get a lovely email from the gentleman that ordered them.  This is what he had to say....

"Just want to let you know the cookies were a 'sweet' addition to my team's presentation yesterday. Not only were my team members excited, the clients loved them. The cookies were a HUGE success. Thank you for being so creative and easy to work with."

I think that means it went well.  :)

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