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Friday, July 26, 2013

Cookies in a Jar - make a great gift!

Cookies in a Jar!  Don't you think these would make a great gift to send to someone?  Sugar cookies decorated with royal icing tucked into a cute jar!

A few months ago, I was offered a wholesale arrangement with a website.  They wanted me to sell cookies.  I don't ship.  I'm afraid of shipping.

I decided to try to come up with a safe method.  I wanted them to have a cute presentation so that they would be perfect for gift giving.  And unique!  I wanted something completely different than what I've seen for shipped cookies.

Enter the mason or canning jar.  Simple round cookies to decrease the possibility of breakage.

The three collections shown are:

Fruit and Flowers with strawberries, cherries and daisies.
Party with cupcakes, presents, bunting and hearts.
Get Well Soon with pills and a prescription label.

I shipped a few jars off to some willing testers.  No breakage and they loved them!

But in the end, I decided to decline the offer.  After adding in the share that the website would get, these jars would be crazy expensive.

So I decided to offer the jars on my own website.  No need to mark them up.

There are 14 cookies in each jar.

They're individually bagged and heat-sealed.

I'd say that they're pretty darn cute!  Hop on over to my website to see more collections and order your own Cookies in a Jar to send to someone you love!

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  1. Dotty they are brilliant!!! Love the label on the Rx jar: "Take with Meals"!!! Such a great idea for local customers and gifts.
    Barbara [Lov2Bake]

  2. Such cute cookies! Everything looks cuter in a mason jar:) A great shipping idea too, especially with the round cookies!


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