Google Sugar Dot Cookies: November 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Sugar Stamps - Royal Icing Sugar Cookies

I've been experimenting with adorable Sugar Stamps.   Those experiments worked beautifully!

My experiments with royal icing did not go well.

The first thing I tried was to pipe royal icing onto the cookies.  Then flip the cookies over onto the sheets.  Sugar Stamp sheets need heat to transfer the design.  I thought I'd try using a dehydrator set at 155 degrees.  I left the cookies in the dehydrator for about an hour then left them to dry at room temperature over night.

The next day......

Fail.  The royal icing couldn't completely dry because of the plastic sheet over it.  The design didn't transfer well at all.  Perhaps from the lack of heat.

Next experiment....Try to transfer the design onto cookies covered in royal icing that has already dried completely.

I placed the Sugar Stamp, design side down, over the iced/dried cookie.  Then I applied heat with a hot air gun.

The result?  Nothing.  The design did not transfer AT ALL.  Bummer.

I'd love to figure out a way to marry Sugar Stamps and royal icing!  Any ideas?

Update:  More experiments with Sugar Stamps and Royal Icing.
Royal Icing Transfers 
Candy Melt Accents on Royal Icing Sugar Cookies

I am a US distributor for Sugar Stamps.  Sheets are available for purchase on my website.

Check out the many other creations I've made with Sugar Stamps.


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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sugar Stamps - Candy Melt Confections and Cookies

I've been playing with my adorable Sugar Stamp samples!  Some experiments worked beautifully!  Some didn't.

Here's what worked perfectly.....

Adorable, huh?  All I did was heat bright white candy melts in the microwave, in a piping bag.

I piped rounds of the chocolate onto the round designs.

I also piped all over the surface of one of the background sheets to make bark. Then sprinkled the top with some colored sanding sugar.  Update:  New bark tutorial here.

Then I free-hand piped a few hearts over the background sheet.

Pop them in the fridge for a few minutes. After that, the round candy melts with the designs popped right off.

I broke up the all over melts to make bark.

How stinking cute!!  It took minutes to do.  Mere minutes!

Imagine those little rounds in favor bags!  Or as cupcake toppers!!  Or around the side of a cake!!  Yes, I'm excited by the possibilities!

Next experiment....the candy melts in molds....

I cut the round designs from the sheets to separate them.  Then placed them over the warm chocolate in the molds.  (Don't be like me and over fill the molds!  I realized later that I should have under-filled them.)

 Eep!  Yes!  Success!

Now I'm imagining lollipops or chocolate covered oreos!

Next experiment....Candy melts on sugar cookies....

I piped warm candy melts all over the cookies then flipped them over onto the Sugar Sheets.

Into the fridge for a few minutes.  The result was mixed.  The design transferred beautifully!  (Except for the cookie over on the right below.  The melts were cooling down at that point.  Now we know that we have to keep the melts warm!)

I didn't like the messy edges of the chocolate.  I wanted it to be crisp.

So onto plan B.  Pipe the warm candy melts over the surface of the Sugar Stamps.  Smooth with an offset spatula.

Let it cool for just a few minutes.  Cut with cookie cutters.

Attach to the cookies with more candy melts.  (Use less than I did!  There was a bit of oozing that needed to be cleaned up.)

Pretty stinkin cute!!  Nice, crisp edges.  Perfect design transfer!

Update:  Check out this post on my next experiments with candy melts and sugar cookies and this post for cookies with royal icing.

I am thrilled beyond belief with the candy melt possibilities!

I'm an authorized distributor of Sugar Stamps in the US.  Sheets are available for purchase through my website.  You may also sign up for my newsletter to find out when new designs arrive.

Next blog post will be about my experiments with Sugar Stamps and royal icing.  Let's just say that it didn't go well.  :(

Check out the many other creations I've made with Sugar Stamps.

Interested in learning more about working with candy melts? Check out my Candy Melts Creations Facebook page.
Candy Melt Creations

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Sugar Stamps

Have you heard of Sugar Stamps?

It's an amazing new product that leaves the sweetest designs on meringues and other goodies!

This video speaks for itself!!!

I am soon to be an authorized distributor of Sugar Stamps in the US.  I'm just awaiting my order.  Then they'll be up for sale on my website.

Sign up for my mailing list or like my page on facebook to find out when they'll be available.

I am sooooo excited about this product!  I received some Sugar Stamp sheets to test out.  I was giddy at how easy and adorable the result was.  I didn't even make meringues (yet).  It was something else - so, so, easy.  I had dozens of little bite size treats in literally two minutes.

I have an idea for how to make Sugar Stamps work on decorated sugar cookies.  So excited!!

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Sugar Stamps are now available through my website!

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