Google Sugar Dot Cookies: Tutorial - How to add Candy Melt Accents to Sugar Cookies with Sugar Stamps

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tutorial - How to add Candy Melt Accents to Sugar Cookies with Sugar Stamps

 How to add Candy Melt Accents to Sugar Cookies with Sugar Stamps

Let me show you how to add adorable accents to sugar cookies using candy melts and Sugar Stamps!  They're so cute and easy to make!

Supplies needed:
Sugar Cookies  (Dough Recipes, Royal Icing Recipes)
Candy Melt Treats made with cookie cutters.  Tutorial for those here.
Bright White Candy Melts
Sugar Stamp design sheets

We're going to use two different methods for this.....
1.  Pop candy melt treats into windows cut into the sugar cookies.
2.  Flood solid sugar cookies with royal icing, dropping the treats onto them while the icing is still wet.

When cutting the sugar cookie dough, cut windows into the centers of some of them.  Bake.  Immediately after they come out of the oven, while the cookies are still warm, re-cut the centers.  They will have closed up slightly while baking.  You need the crisp center shape to drop in the treats.

Follow this tutorial to make candy melt shapes using cookie cutters and Sugar Stamp sheets.

Flip the cookies over so that the backs are facing up.  

Drop the treats into the windows - face down.

Pipe warm candy melts on top to glue the treats to the cookies.

Allow to cool and harden.  Flip the cookies over.

Outline the cookies with royal icing.

Use royal icing, if needed, to fill in any gaps between the candy melts and cookie.

On the cookies with windows, flood with royal icing all around the treat centers.

On the solid cookies, flood with royal icing. Immediately drop on additional candy melt treats while the icing is wet.

Allow royal icing to dry.  Pipe additional details with royal icing if you'd like.

You can see that the candy melt treats are raised up on the solid cookies where we dropped the treats onto the wet royal icing.

On the cookies with windows, the candy melt treats are flush, or slightly lower than the height of the royal icing.

Either way - super cute!
 Sugar Stamp design transfer sheets are available for purchase through my website.  Many more designs available.  #SugarStamp

Check out the many other creations I've made with Sugar Stamps.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  I earn a small percentage on purchases made through these links.  Thank you for your support!

Interested in learning more about working with candy melts? Check out my Candy Melts Creations Facebook page.
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