Google Sugar Dot Cookies: Beginners - Part 2 - Royal Icing, Glaze Recipes

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beginners - Part 2 - Royal Icing, Glaze Recipes

I'm often asked by beginners for the recipes that I use for cookie dough and for icing.

You'll find my list of cookie recipes on this page.

I use royal icing to decorate my cookies.  The following royal icing recipes are nearly identical.

Royal Icing Recipes . . .

Sugarbelle's - the 2 lb version will be plenty for one batch of cookies.
Glorious Treats - and a great tutorial on outlining and flooding.
Bake at 350's
Design Me a Cake's

Sugarbelle's Chocolate Royal Icing

Glaze Recipes . . .

Some cookiers prefer to work with Glaze.
Karen's Cookies

Royal Glaze Recipe . . .

Still others sing the praises of "Royal Glaze" - a combination of royal icing and glaze.  The invention of  Michelle, From Lovin'

If you're new to cookieing, choose a dough recipe, an icing recipe and get to it!


  1. They sure are! I hope you find a recipe that you love!

  2. I love vanilla, chocolate even peppermint buttercream icing and I am so afraid of the royal icing. Many sites say the icing is really hard( break your teeth) and don't taste good. But like you once were- I am dying to make beautiful sugar cookies-which means royal icing is a must. Do you recommend one over another

    1. Glaze and Royal Glaze don't break your teeth! I haven't tried the Glaze recipes above, but I know many that use them. I love the Royal Glaze. It's a favorite!

    2. I too don't like to use royal icing and tried it several times but don't like it. I found that glaze works just as great and just make sure you have the right consistency.. I was able to do the cookies just fine and yes it does take a long time to dry, but I think if you want to provide quality cookies where it taste great, then this is the way to go. In my opinion...


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