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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Recipe / Tutorial - Easter Treats with Sugar Stamps

These Easter petit fours are so fast and easy to make.  Sugar Stamp designs make them so cute!  (A coupon code for the Sugar Stamps makes them even sweeter!  Read on for the code.)

These treats are bites of cake, covered in candy melts.  The unrefined sister of the Petit Four?  :)

I had intended to make chocolate covered Oreos with my Easter Sugar Stamps but couldn't find a single plain oreo mold at the local craft stores.  I had to improvise.  The result is just as fun!  Here it is.....

Materials needed:
Wilton Bite Size Treat Mold (or Muffin Tin)
Candy Melts in Bright White
Homemade or Purchased Cake, Cookies, or Brownies
Canning Jar
Sugar Stamps

Separate the individual designs on the Sugar Stamps by cutting between them, into squares or circles to fit your mold.

Cut your cake or brownies so that they're smaller than the cavities in the mold.

Place the Sugar Stamps into the cavities.  Be sure that the shiny side is down.  The rough side - with the design - should be facing up.

Warm some candy melts, in the microwave, in a small canning jar.

Drop a spoonful of the chocolate in a few of the cavities.  Place a piece of cake on top of each one.  Press down on the cake bites so that the chocolate spreads out, covering the bottom of the mold.

Continue with the chocolate and cake, being sure that the melts remain warm.  Reheat gently as necessary.  Heat is needed for the design to transfer to the chocolate.

Add one more spoonful of warm candy melts over the cake.

Tap the mold to bring air bubbles to the top.

Place the mold into the refrigerator for about 15 minutes.

Close up the canning jar to save the candy melts for your next Sugar Stamp creation!

Pop the treats out, peel off the plastic sheet squares, and admire your adorable Easter designs!

Now for the Sale! - For a limited time, Easter Sugar Stamps are on sale for $5 each!  Just enter code "Easter" at checkout. 
Edit:  As of 3/26/16: This sale has now over.
Look at how cute the designs are!

More Sugar Stamp designs are also available.  Start shopping here.

Happy Easter!

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