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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tutorial - How to Use Sugar Stamps to Make Royal Icing Transfers

How to Use Sugar Stamps to Make Royal Icing Transfers

Sugar Stamps are design transfer sheets - different than any other sheet you've used.  These were manufactured specifically for meringues.  I've found that they work beautifully with candy melts!  The sheets need gentle heat to make the designs transfer.  Once transferred to your treat, there is no additional texture or any taste whatsoever.  Love them!

Because I'm a cookie decorator, I've been trying to figure out a way to get Sugar Stamps to transfer onto royal icing.  My first experiment was not successful.  At all.  I need heat. My question - What if I pipe royal icing transfers, then put them into a low oven?  Let's find out what happened!

Supplies needed:
Sugar Cookies  (Dough Recipes, Royal Icing Recipes)
Sugar Stamp design sheets
Printed out letters, numbers, simple designs.

Are you familiar with royal icing transfers?  These are small shapes made from royal icing.  They are piped onto acetate, waxed paper, or parchment paper.  A print out is placed under that to guide your design.  Once the royal icing has dried overnight, they can be peeled off and dropped onto cookies that have been just flooded with royal icing.

In this case, I used Sugar Stamp design sheets instead of the acetate/waxed paper/parchment paper mentioned above.

Place the Sugar Stamp sheet on top of your print out.  Shiny side of the Sugar Stamp will be face down.  Rough side of the Sugar Stamp will be face up.  Cut the Sugar Stamp sheet if you'll only be using part of it.

Put your medium thickness royal icing into a small piping bag.

Pipe the letters directly onto the Sugar Stamp sheet.

Oooops!  You want to pipe the letters backwards!  The O, V,  and E will be fine once they are flipped over.  The L will be backwards once it's turned over!  Before printing, mirror image your letters.  I wish I had!

I taped this to my cookie pan because I use a convection oven with a fan.  No need for this step if using a regular oven.

Bake in a low 200 degree oven for just a few minutes.  I had no idea what was going to happen.

If you try this at home, run a test first to see how it will work in your oven - at what temp and for how long.  You don't want to ruin an entire sheet!

Can you tell that the letters puffed up?  I lost a bit of definition, but pretty cool!

Allow the letters to completely dry overnight.

Peel the letters from the Sugar Stamp sheets.  (This is when I realized that the L was backwards and re-did it!)

Flood cookies with royal icing.  Drop on your transfers.  Allow royal icing to dry overnight.


Can you see how the letters are raised up on top of the cookies?  That's because they puffed up in the oven.  It actually adds a pretty cool dimension to the cookies.

 Sugar Stamp design transfer sheets are available for purchase through my website.  Many more designs available.  #SugarStamp

Check out the many other creations I've made with Sugar Stamps.

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  1. hi, so if i just pipe royal icing on to the sugar sheet does it work?

    1. No, it won't work. You need gentle heat to transfer the design. I placed these transfers into a low oven.

  2. I Live in Italy How Can i manage to get this wonderful stamps?

    1. Hi there. The Sugar Stamps are available on my website. :)


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