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Monday, April 25, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make Meringues with Sugar Stamp Design Sheets

 How to Use Sugar Stamps to Make Meringues

Meringues are a beautiful, sophisticated, heavenly dessert.  I didn't know they could be improved upon until Sugar Stamps came into my life.  Now your meringues can have beautiful designs transferred right onto the bottom of each one.

Do not be afraid to make meringues!  Many recipes call for you to whisk the egg whites over a bain marie (double boiler) or to pour in hot sugar syrup while whisking.  Don't let those methods scare you away! There are many fabulous recipes out there where you simply whip egg whites and granulated sugar together.  Easy and they come out beautifully!

I used this recipe from The Kitchn.

Start by laying your Sugar Stamp design sheets onto a large baking sheet.

Whip up the meringue according to the recipe.  For some of the meringues, I simply cut the tip off of a filled piping bag.  I also used a bag fitted with 2D Wilton tip.  A 6B would be even better.

If you won't be using the whole Sugar Stamp sheets, cut them down to just what you need.  You can pipe some onto parchment paper to leave a few bottoms plain.

Lightly sprinkle some white nonpareils or sanding sugar on some of them.

Bake the meringues.  Peel them from the design sheets.  The designs  are magically transferred!  It's so fun to peel them up to have a look.

Aren't they adorable?  They were so easy to make.

The taste is absolutely amazing!  Sugar Stamps don't add any taste or texture to the meringues.  The designs are basically made from starch, sugar, and food coloring.  It just melts right into the meringues (and in your mouth!).

Sugar Stamp design sheets are available for purchase on my website.  There are many different designs to choose from.

To see meringue making in action, take a peek at this video....


Check out the many other creations I've made with Sugar Stamps.

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