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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cookies 2011

...What cracks me up is the red/pink. It actually isn't a hot pink in real life. It's really a lighter pink than it appears in the photos. Whatever it is, it isn't a Christmas red! I only have Wilton food coloring gels. I was afraid to keep going with adding more red. I thought that I'd ruin the taste and I really have my doubts as to how red Wilton actually gets, so pink boots and candy canes it is! Um, and yes I realize that the boots should be black. I didn't have black gel, so decided on red before I knew that they'd actually end up being pink. Trial and error.

I love how the holly leaves came out. I'm actually pretty pleased with all of them (other than the red coloring of course).

I used a medium consistency royal icing for the outlines, waited for them to dry a bit before flooding with a thinner, 2-secondish icing. #2 tip bags for outlining. Bottles for flooding.
For my first attempt at trying to step things up in the sugar cookie department, I'm quite pleased. I enjoyed the decorating so much! So, so fun!

I do feel an obsession coming on. I made these about a week before Christmas. I'm feeling the need to make some more before Christmas - ones that DON'T have red anywhere.

I'll be placing an order for some Americolor food coloring right away. Hmmm...maybe just a few other things too. :)



  1. I am more of a cake decorator so far and only have done cookies a few times but you sure did great. I get Wilton Red by putting some color in, mixing and letting it set for a few hours and repeating this over and over until I get the red I want. Letting it set is the key OR you can use Americolor which gets you that red much faster OR you can use a tube of Red Ready-To-Use Icing Tube. It comes in handy when I need a small amount of red.
    Some people start with a brown and then add red. I haven't tried this and if you are going to try it do it with a small amount and eat it if it doesn't work. LOL.
    Love your blog,


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