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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Caterpillar and Leaves Sugar Cookies

This is my entry into a Monthly Cookie Club Theme Challenge. The challenge is to exercise our creativity, to try new things, to share ideas, and learn from other cookie decorators.

The theme for March is "All About Boys". This was perfect for me because I have yet to actually make boy cookies! After digging through my cutters, I settled on a cute little caterpillar that I hadn't yet used and decided to create a set around him, something a young boy might like . . .

The details for my entry . . .

These are sugar cookies decorated with royal icing. I used one consistency for outlining and flooding. A 15-secondish icing. #2 tip to outline and flood. #1.5 tip for the dots and eyes.

I flooded alternating sections of the caterpillar, letting the first three sections dry before flooding the last three.

Stupid craters! Believe it or not, I actually dragged a toothpick through half of the caterpillar sections. I forgot to do so for the first half, so did it for the final three sections of both caterpillars. I thought that dragging through some of them would actually be a good experiment to be able to compare and see if it helped. As you can see, it didn't.

I had fun with these leaves! I used a straw to make bites and holes in the leaves before baking. I started decorating by flooding one half of each leaf. I let that dry for a little while then flooded the other sides.

After that dried for a little while, I made the tiny caterpillars by piping one dot at a time, letting each dry before adding the next. I used a food marker for the little eyes.

I think these came out really cute but I do wish that I had made the caterpillars larger. Those little guys can sure take big bites, huh?

I made these bite-size rounds to add just one more element to the collection. I always think it's nice to have a simple little bite to coordinate with the other cookies. It kinda rounds things out in my opinion.

So there you have it. "All About Boys"

Thanks for looking!


  1. Where did you find the cute little caterpillar cutter. I need it in my life!


  2. It's adorable, isn't it?!

  3. Dotty,

    This has got to be the cutest "all about boys" set of cookies!! Absolutely adorable....the little guys on the cute...their just babies...ha!! Anyway, I missed the all about boys challenge so I will have to go with the next one...


  4. Thanks Roxanne! I'm supposed to choose the theme for next month! Yikes. I have no ideas as of yet and it's almost time. Better get thinkin'.

  5. Hello, by the way all your cookies are beautiful. I was just looking at these pictures to see if yours had craters, I just made some this past week for school in 3 different colors and mine had craters too. Ran a stick through them, put them under a fan and still crater, crazy. x

    1. Hi Claire. Craters!!!!! I have trouble with them too. Sometimes they happen. Sometimes they don't. I wish I could give you some advice. I've yet to figure it out!


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