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Monday, August 6, 2012

First Birthday Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

It was a Minnie themed party!

I really searched around for a Minnie cutter with the bow.  I finally found it here. I cut off the bottom of the cookie, leaving just the ears hat.  I didn't want a huge black cookie.

Hot pink cupcakes and ovals with polka dot bows.

White daisies were on the invitations and were the centerpiece, so here they are in cookie form.

I love adding minis to message cookies!

Candles, #1, and hearts.

I'm not thrilled with my little wet on wet flowers on the 1s and hearts.

The bows on the oval cookies were royal icing transfers.  What a time-saver and they all came out the same.  Gotta love that!

The bows on the hats were piped right onto the cookies. First I made a bow template, traced it onto the cookies, then piped.

You can see how the bows on the ovals are raised above the cookies, while the ones on the ears are flat.

(Did you notice that I forgot the polka dots on the bow centers of the ear cookies?!)

The icing under the bows is a very thin layer, but
I'm concerned that it may be too much icing and too crunchy.  I should have kept one to taste to find out!

These were very fun to decorate and I'm quite pleased with how they came out.


  1. I love the bows on the round cookies... very creative!

  2. I just love Minnie's ears. Once again you made me smile.

  3. So cute! Where did you get the cookie cutter? The link didn't work for me. I'm new the baking so how did you do the bows on minnies head? Thanks!

  4. Hi Emily. It looks like Country Kitchen SweetArt isn't carrying the cutters anymore. Sorry about that. I found them here though...
    For the bows on the minnie hats, I just traced around a bow template that I made with a food marker, flooded it with pink, added the dots while still wet, flooded the black around it, then piped the pink outlines on top.

  5. I'm doing my first set of Minnie Mouse cookies for a party next weekend. So glad I found your blog! I'm using this post as an inspiration and tutorial for me.

  6. That's great Telah! These were fun to make!


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