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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wedding Sugar Cookies

I've been busy making up sample cookie designs for weddings. I showed you one for a beach wedding.

Now for the rest. I wanted them to be clean. Classic. Neutral. Elegant.

Quilted hearts.  I'm unsure about the dots around the border (not just on these but on all of them).  The dots aren't exactly "clean".  I wonder if no border at all would be better.  Or the dots matching the background.  Hmmmm.

I also wonder if a plain square shape would be better.  No scallops.

My Maryland crab cookies.  I've made these so many times.  Never in white though.

I always have cratering on these guys.  So very annoying.

Paisley cookies.  I did these with a stencil and petal dust.

The bunting cookie is one of my favorites.

Brushed embroidery flowers.  So pretty.  Sooooo time consuming.  I've watched many videos on brush embroidery.  SweetAmbs has one, as well as AliBee.

The grey and white flowers were done with icing.  The black one is painted on with food coloring.  I prefer the ones in icing.  More texture and dimension.

Love birds.  Another one that I've made several times, but not in white and grey.  This is SweetP's design.

Now this one might be my very favorite.  I painted the roses with food coloring.  I love the shabby chic look.  This design was inspired by Arty McGoo and SweetAmbs.  Arty McGoo taught us how to paint "squiggle roses" at Cookie Con.  SweetAmbs has a video showing how to do it.

The painting was soooo fun.  It was hard to stop!

It's time to start planning spring and summer weddings.  I hope that some of these designs will make a few wedding appearances!

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  1. Love all the different techniques you use! You cookies are beautiful, and the ones with painted roses are spectacular!

  2. Brushed embroidery, painting ans stenciliing. My. 3 favorite wanna learn techniques. You have come so far and your work is outstanding. Thanks so much for sharing, M

  3. Barbara [Lov2Bake]January 13, 2013 at 9:47 PM

    OMG! You have been busy do loverly, wonderful things to cookies. I have too many favorites to mention them all. But the quilted, brushed icing and paisley are spectacular!

    I love the piped scallop with dots edging as well as just a dot in the center of the scallop without piping and would suggest either for the quilted one especially since it looks like it would go well with an eyelet lace look. The paisley one is a stand-alone edging required, just a plain edge with no visable piping. It is just so darn elegant, it doesn't need a frame of any sort. Totally gorgeous. The painted squiggle roses are beautiful as well. I'm with you...the brush flowers are stunning but time consuming so I'd use them sparingly as accents on a platter. Get an order for 200 brush flower favors bagged & ribboned would send me screaming for the hills!

    Dotty, you really wowed me with these!

  4. Barbara, thank you so much for all of the advice! I think you're right about the paisley.

    I priced the brushed flowers pretty high because of the time involved. They were really fun to make at least!


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