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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie Platter

Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing - Turkey Platter

For my November cookie decorating party, I decided to do a turkey platter.  The party will be just before Thanksgiving, so everyone will have the cookies to take to Thanksgiving!

This is my version of Sugarbelle's turkey platter.

I wanted the feathers to fan out so that meant some hand-cutting.  I used a #8 cutter for the turkey body.

For my sample platter, I wanted to keep the feathers simple for beginners.  I couldn't quite help myself though and added some detail to a few feathers just in case anyone wants to jazz them up a bit.  I also decorated two slightly different designs for the turkey body.

It could be two turkeys.......

Or the way I intended, a double layer of feathers......

The eyes and beak are just slightly different....

Would you like to make your own turkey platter?  Sign up for my cookie decorating party on Saturday, November 22nd in Middletown, MD.

Prefer to have me make it for you?  Just visit my website and contact me from there.


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