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Friday, February 20, 2015

Dog Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing - Puppy Baby Shower

Puppy dog cookies and personalized dog house cookies for a baby shower.

That boxer face was based on the lovely Sugarbelle's design.

Cookies are available for order through my website.

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  1. The white and brown dog is really cute! I'm new to cookie decorating and have been asked to make a dog cookie platter for a 4yr old birthday party. I'd like to try to make that cookie. Might you be willing to tell me where you got the cookie cutter?

    1. Hi there. I got the cutter at Toys R Us a few years ago. Not sure if they're still available. You can see the whole set of animals here... Good luck!

    2. They are so cute! I would never thought of Toys R Us! Thank you for your reply. I'm enjoying your blog and instagram as I'm new to cookie decorating and you are very helpful. :)

    3. Glad to hear that! Hope you find the cutter!


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