Google Sugar Dot Cookies: How to Roll Sugar Cookie Dough with DoughEZ Rolling System and Coupon Code

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to Roll Sugar Cookie Dough with DoughEZ Rolling System and Coupon Code

I received the DoughEZ pastry mat kit to try out.   Included in the kit is one large, non-stick silicone mat, two 1/8" rolling sticks and four 1/4" rolling sticks with notches.

Read on for my review and a coupon code.

Below you'll see my old method of rolling out sugar cookie dough.  I used to roll on a fondant mat, taped to my table.  I would roll the dough, on top of the mat, between two pieces of waxed paper.  I use a rolling pin with 1/4" guides.
(In case you're wondering - The coffee filter filled with flour is for dipping cutters, not for rolling.)

Here is the DoughEZ kit. (The kit does not include the rolling pin.)

The beauty of the mat is that you don't need to use flour or waxed paper to roll dough.  You just fold the mat over and roll between.  Because I chill my dough, after rolling but before cutting, I chose to still roll between waxed paper sheets.  This way, I can slide the dough and waxed paper onto a cookie sheet and put it into the refrigerator.

The sticks act as guides for the rolling pin to get perfectly even dough.

Because I'm not used to rolling on sticks and I had a large piece of dough, I lined them up so that I wouldn't roll right off the edge.

The whole system worked beautifully!

I didn't exactly use the mat as intended but I still love it and have been using it in place of my old pastry mat.  The DoughEZ mat is sooooo much better.
  • I don't need to tape it to my table.  It stays perfectly in place.  It grips to the table and doesn't move at all! The waxed paper grips to it too!  Nothing slides around with this system!
  • Because the waxed paper doesn't slide around, I don't get wrinkles anymore on the bottom layer of waxed paper!  Has that happened to you?  If you're a little aggressive with the rolling pin, the bottom layer of wax paper will wrinkle up and cut through the dough.  Not with the DoughEZ mat!
    • It's much more sturdy than my old mat.  No curled up edges or tears!
    • Dough doesn't stick to it.  Though I'll continue to roll my cookie dough between waxed paper sheets, I will definitely use the DoughEZ mat for pie dough, pizza dough and fondant - no waxed paper.
    • I love the round size guides and the measurements across the top.
    • Easy clean up.
    • Rolls up for easy storage.

    The rolling sticks are an improvement on my old ones!
    • The very first thing that I noticed when I opened the package - The strips are plastic!  I was excited over that. I own some rolling sticks that are made of wood.  Plastic cleans up much better!
    • I love that it comes with 4 - 1/4" sticks.  You can roll large pieces of dough with two sets.
    • The notches will come in handy for packing in Rice Krispy Treats.  This will be fun to test out!
     Now for the deal!

    Receive 10% off through this link with the coupon code "SUGARDOT".  Code expires December 31, 2019.

    This is an affiliate link.  Thank you for your support!

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