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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tour of my Cookie Space

 A Tour of the Commercial Kitchen Space that I use for my Cookie Business

Would you like to poke around the kitchen?  Today I'll show you some  general shots of the space.  We'll poke a little deeper in future posts.

These are the two prep tables.  I use these for making my dough and icing.  I spend the most time in that red chair decorating cookies.

On this day, the table was covered in orders ready to go out - some for pick up, one for shipping.

This is what it looks like as I prepare to make icing.  What a mess.  (Nothing carefully arranged for the photo.  Keeping it real.)

I try to keep extra cookies available for people to taste.   We sometimes get people walking into the bakery - looking for donuts usually. Since everything we do is custom, we don't have items ready for sale.  I'll offer them a cookie.  They just wanted a donut for breakfast.  They got a cookie. 

This small cookie sheet hangs above the prep table.  My business card, Meghan's business card, and Gayla's are up there along with a newspaper clipping featuring little old me.

The long table in the middle of the room is used for my cookie parties.  I roll and cut my dough there.  It's also used for drying cookies overnight.

The metal bowl, on the left?  That's usually in the center of the table, when it's not over-crowded with other things.  It holds the sample designs for an upcoming party.

Hanging above one of the prep tables is a very special cookie cutter.  It's the sign for "I love you".  It was a gift from my younger son for Mother's Day 2014 - just after I started full time at the bakery.

On his way home from college, he and his dad dropped in a shop that carries cutters to find a gift for me.  My B chose this cutter.  *heart melts*

As if that wasn't enough to make this mom teary.  He wrote a little message along the side.  Is this not the perfect gift for a cookieing mom? Best Mother's Day gift ever.

Through these doors is the kitchen.

That's where Gayla and Meghan do most of their work. I use the refrigerator, freezer, sinks and oven over there.

The oven.  *Swoon*

I can bake a lot of cookies at one time!

The curtain.  What's behind the curtain?  Yes, the restroom.  What else?  Not sure that I'll be showing you!  That might be a little too "real".  We'll see.

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