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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Soaring Winged Heart Valentine Chocolate Sugar Cookies

I made some winged heart chocolate cookies with royal icing.

I used Sugarbelle's Soaring Hearts tutorial. Of course I'm making cookies for fun, but with each batch I want to learn something. I wanted to try these for a few reasons. One is that Sugarbelle created the winged heart using two heart cookie cutters. She cut one heart cookie in half and used those for the wings. I really wanted to try that technique. It was easy and I think they came out quite well.

The other reason is that I wanted to try outlining all of the details in one color, then flooding in other colors. I've seen a lot of cookies outlined in black. I love that look and of course that would save time in that you don't have to make piping icing in each color.

I decided on a grey/pink color scheme.

After the winged hearts, I made some plain hearts with little heart and dot accents.

So with this batch I learned that I like outlining all in one color. It's very unforgiving though. Mistakes in the piping show up much more than they would if they were piped in the same flood colors.

I flooded all of these cookies with a 12ish-second icing. Boy does that flow easier than 20-second! It doesn't take as much coaxing and comes out super smooth.

I also learned a whole lot about chilling and freezing dough. I'm going to do a little more experimenting with that and write up a post about it later.

What would I do diffently? I wish I had used a true black for the outlines. The contrast wasn't as striking with the grey piping as I think it would be with black.

I'm happy to report that there are no "Keeping it Real" photos today. No major blunders this time. Yay!

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