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Monday, January 23, 2012

Swirled Roses - Royal Icing - Again

I attempted making a few more swirled roses with royal icing. So pretty!

I used a super stiff royal icing. That worked better than my previous attempt.

The larger ones are 1 1/2 inches across. The smaller ones are about 1/2 inch.

They were so pretty that I thought I'd attempt adding them straight to some cookies . . .

FAIL! Ha! Ha! Horrible, huh?
Please ignore the grey outlines. I had other plans for these cookies before I decided to try piping flowers onto them.

These are 2 inch rounds.

The one on the left was totally off center. The one on the top right became an oval. I was closer with the bottom one, but look at the petals. They're tight on one side and loose on the other. I think that it would take some practice to be able to pipe them directly onto cookies.

But I wonder if that's too much royal icing for cookies. I haven't tasted one yet. I'll find out soon.

Have you ever used that much royal icing on a cookie?

Edit: It's been 24 hours since making the cookies with the roses. I just had a taste and think I broke a tooth. Just kidding but yeah, pretty difficult to bite through the thick rose!

So the big royal icing roses on cookies is a no-go. That's disappointing. I wonder if using a royal icing with corn syrup would make it hard enough to stack yet still soft enough to enjoy. Maybe I'll try that sometime.


  1. I have not had that much on a cookie, but I am thinking whoopie pies with a thin filling might be a good place for them! You did a great job here. I just need some practice on swirling first, then I will attempt the roses! Enjoy the day!

  2. The swirl would be great for whoopie pies though you wouldn't see the pretty design. I'll be practicing too!

  3. Great work! im really like it! thanks for ur sharing, it's so useful..
    please can u look my Blog if you want. thanks.


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