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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tip Tuesday - Non Slip Cookie Pans

I have a little tip for you today.

Where do you leave your cookies to dry? This is what I do . . . .

These are dollar store cookie sheets.  They're quite small.  They're too flimsy for baking but they're perfect for decorating.  I place the cookies along the perimeter so there isn't much reaching across.

I also leave my cookies on them to dry overnight.  I stack them all up as you see in the photo above.

The problem?  These sheets are slippery.  One false move and one or more trays can easily fall right onto the cookies below.  It's a disaster waiting to happen.

One day I decided to run a line of hot glue along the rims to see if that would keep the trays from slipping.  It worked but the hot glue didn't last long.  It all peeled right off.

My next attempt - Plasti Dip.  You can find it at the hardware store.  It's a liquid plastic. 

The picture on the can shows yellow, but it's actually black plastic in this can.

Outside, or in a well ventilated area, give it a stir, then like the cookie decorator that you are, make a parchment cone.  Fill it with Plasti Dip and pipe it along the rims of the cookie sheets.  I'm sure you could use a paintbrush but that seemed messier and more time consuming to me.

It's the consistency of really loose flood icing.  It's messy.  Let your first coat dry then add another line on top of the first.

It may be ugly but these pans aren't going anywhere!  The grip is amazing.  There's absolutely no risk of the pile of cookie sheets coming down!

Do you fear your cookie sheet mountain falling like a house of cards?  Give it a try!

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