Google Sugar Dot Cookies: White on White Heart Sugar Cookies

Friday, September 26, 2014

White on White Heart Sugar Cookies

White on White Heart Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing for a Wedding

Elegant white on white.  So pretty for a wedding.

Cookies are available for purchase through my website.

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  1. Is Royal icing what you use for the decor on top of cookie? I keep adding powdered sugar to mine and it still smooths out :-( shower for daughter-in-law to be on Sat. Jan 14

  2. Yes, I use royal icing. So nice that you can make cookies for your shower!

  3. May I ask for the recipe of the royal icing?

  4. I have some links to royal icing recipes here...

  5. can i have the link please to this recipe and the royal icing thanks!


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