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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chicks Hatching Sugar Cookies

It's a chick parade just in time for Easter!

Aren't they adorable? I think these are my favorite cookies yet!

I made the chick peeking from the egg before. He was inspired by Sugarbelle's cookie.

I was at the craft store last week. At the register I saw some Easter window clings. One of the designs was an egg with little chick feet sticking out of the bottom. It reminded me of the peeking chick cookie. As I drove home I could picture a whole bunch of designs of chicks in every stage of hatching. I got home and started drawing ideas.

They're all made using a chick cutter, circle cutter and egg cutter. For the feet sticking out, I just cut small rectangles and added those to the bottom of the eggs.

I think that my two very favorites are the one with the whole chick emerging (bottom right) and the one with the feet on the egg with his head popping out (middle right).

I just love them.


  1. Great collection....very creative. Thank you for sharing how you pieced these together. I'm looking forward to looking at all your work!

  2. Super cute! When you cut out the pieces, do you press them together slightly?

  3. Thanks Seasons! Yes - just slightly. Place them next to each other so they're touching completely.


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