Google Sugar Dot Cookies: Mustache and Lips Sugar Cookie Pops

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mustache and Lips Sugar Cookie Pops

Mustache and lip sugar cookies decorated with royal icing on sticks!

Here they are in action! I made them for a family birthday party. All of the kids wanted the mustaches. Not many takers on the lips. Go figure.

I heard the cutie pie on the left say, "Mustaches are so in." Ha ha.

Would you like to know how I made them?

I bought these mustache cookie cutters from FunSlurp. They would be super easy if you used chocolate dough and used the tops of the cutters to imprint the texture. No icing necessary.

That's not the route I chose however.

I chose these cutters because of the fun variety included in the set. Sorry to say that I ran into a few problems with them.

First I tried to cut out chilled dough with them. The cookies wouldn't release from the cutters. Even floured cutters. Since they're closed on the top, there was just no way to release them intact.

Then I tried room temperature dough. The dough didn't stick to the cutters thankfully.

The cuts aren't the cleanest though. The plastic did a bit of smooshing along with cutting.

I flipped the shapes over on a cookie sheet, placed the sticks on top then covered each one with a piece of dough. I flipped them back over before baking, then tried to tidy up the rough edges a bit.

Some of the mustaches only had a narrow area where the sticks needed to attach. I was a little worried about how stable the would be but they turned out just fine.

I flooded them with 20-secondish royal icing then piped the lines on top.

The icing is colored brown. Chocolate icing would have been a fabulous alternative!

I forgot to insert the sticks on the first batch of lips! Multi-tasking is sometimes my downfall.

Here's the whole platter.

I made some small, round cookies too. The lips and mustache cookies are rather large. I wanted the adults to be able to have a small cookie if they'd prefer.

We were celebrating five birthdays so I added the initial of each of the birthday kids to a cookie.

Darn those wonky circles. I should have made a circle imprint before piping but I thought I'd just go for it. Big mistake. I really wish those had turned out better.

The only kid that volunteered to model with a lip pop. What a sport.

(Darn flash.)

Stroking his mustache! Gotta love it!

How about this cake? My 16 year old niece made it! Makes her aunt proud!


  1. I love these! Where did you get your lips?
    My brownie cookie would work well with the stashes!

  2. Thanks! The lips cutter is Wilton. I got it at JoAnns or ACMoore. It's got the red comfort grip plastic on the top.

  3. What fun cookies! I love them. And I love all your photos of the kids displaying them. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing these cookies on CookieCrazie's 4th birthday party!

  4. Thanks Pam! Love your blog! Happy bday!

  5. Hi! What type of cookie sticks did you use? I am going to make but have doubts about the paper ones being safe to bake in the oven.

  6. Hi! I used lollipop sticks from the craft store. The package doesn't say anything about baking. Oops. I never even thought about that. These don't feel papery. They're quite solid and worked out just fine. Good luck!


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