Google Sugar Dot Cookies: How to Stop Sugar Cookie Dough from Spreading

Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Stop Sugar Cookie Dough from Spreading

My dough spreading in the oven is the hurdle that I am currently trying to overcome.

Have you seen photos of cookies on the web that are absolutely perfect in shape? Perfect, square sides. Crisp, clean shapes. Flat, gorgeous tops. How I ask you? Actually I asked the experts. Here's what they say . . .

Sometimes my dough spreads more than other times. I'm determined to find out what it is that's causing the problem.

These cookies actually didn't spread very much. I made these same flowers the other night and they came out nothing like this. Way more spreading!

Notice how much these spread! Oy! Wonky squares. (More on these cookies here.)

Stay tuned for a little ol' experiment!

Edit: I ran the experiment. You can see it here.

And a follow-up post here.

2018 Edit:  I've come a long way since this post!   I'm now teaching online, live video classes.  One of them is on this very subject.  Join me online for a class or two!


  1. Awesome. Thanks for doing the leg work and getting us all of these great tips. :)
    LOVE your blog,

  2. Thanks Susie. Just sharing what I learn from others. I plan on doing a major test batch to see if certain changes will help with the spreading issue.

  3. :) That will be another great blog post.

  4. I haven't read all of your posts about this yet but I will let you know what I have done to stop the spread. I omit the baking powder in all my cut-out cookie recipes. No spreading. I live at 5,200 feet and leaveners can cause quite a bit of spreading. Now I get perfect cookies every time with no need for chilling.

  5. That's great Kelly! So glad you've solved your spreading issue!

    I've reduced my amount of BP, but haven't found the need to omit it all together.


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