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Monday, April 2, 2012

50th Birthday Sugar Cookies

It's a 50th Birthday Party! I made sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.

These were for my neighbor's brother. He's Irish so they requested two shades of green.

I made a "Happy Birthday" message cookie. My writing doesn't look so bad! Purposely making the letters crooked definitely helps!

I wanted to make a "50" cookie but wasn't sure that putting the two numbers together would work. I used the 5 cutter to cut into the 0 a little bit. Then I snuggled that 5 right in there. It worked perfectly.

The cupcakes came out quite well. I piped more lines on the wrapper than the last time. I'm liking it!

There are birthday candles and small rounds with "50" on them.

Then there are the balloon. Balloons with very lame 50s piped on. I used a 1.5 tip. I should have used a larger one or outlined chunky numbers and flooded them. Something. Anything to give them a little more weight.

The numbers on the balloons are the only thing in this collection that I really wish I had done differently.

Overall, I'm quite pleased. These were fun to make!


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