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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Team Sugar Cookies - Tennis Balls, Pennants and Megaphones

Sugar cookies decorated with royal icing for the tennis team!

My neighbor's daughter plays high school tennis. Parents provide snacks to the players on game days to keep their energy up during those long matches that they're not playing. My neighbor asked me to make cookies to go along with some healthier snacks. Yay!

The pennants and megaphones were fun to decorate.

OK, so they don't have cheerleaders shouting through megaphones for tennis teams, but they should! Megaphones aren't exactly associated with tennis, but I thought they'd be a fun "Go Team!" addition.

You'd think that tennis balls would be super simple to decorate, huh?

I think these were too yellow. I added just a touch of green, but was afraid to go too far with it.

The white piping lines should have been wider. I used a #2 tip. Should have been a #3.

I put sets of 2 into cello bags.

I was told that the girls and coaches enjoyed them. Score!


  1. Your icing consistency and texture looks great! I love the bright colors!, keep up the fabulous work!


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