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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sugar Cookies

I made Easter sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.

I made Easter cookies a few months ago as samples for my Cookie Class. (which was awesome, by the way. More on that later.)

These are just so bright and happy. I love them.

I also love that I wasn't decorating alone this time. My neighbor and her 16 year-old daughter came over to decorate a few cookies. They stayed and decorated for four hours! They left with a tray of super cute Easter cookies. Good thing I made a double batch! I texted my neighbor a photo of my finished cookies the next morning and just guess what she was doing at the time? Shopping online for cutters! I just may have a cookie buddy! One that lives right across the street! Woo hoo!

These hatching bunnies might just be my favorites. I really like the simplicity of the white polka dots on the bright colors.

This cutter is part of the Wilton set. It also came with two hatching chicks that I'm not very fond of. The proportions seem off to me. This cutter I love!

Tulip and daisy mini cookies.

Oh how I love minis! One perfect bite and just adorable. I always reach for a mini. Just my speed.

Sweet little chicks.

Of course bunnies and carrots.

I don't know why the carrots are one of my favorites. I don't normally think of carrots as being cute but these are!

I just picked this cutter up last week. I was really unsure as to how to decorate those ears.

The area seemed too wide for just one ear, so I added that back one.

I don't know. These cookies don't thrill me. Kinda cute I suppose.

I do like the tails though. They're little dots over the flooded area.

Happy Easter cookie friends!


  1. Dotty:
    The Easter cookies are beautiful!!! I would definitely be your cookie buddy if I lived closer!!


  2. Thanks Roxanne! Awww. Wouldn't that be great?!


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