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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flowers and Insects Platter - Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing

My neighbor needed a "thank you" platter.  (Hi ML!)  She gave me complete freedom to do what I wanted.  Love that!

Her request . . . girly, flowers, insects, summery, lots of minis.  Mission accomplished?  I think so.  I do love how it came out and it was so fun to decorate.  This has to be my favorite platter yet.

The flowers were plentiful.

Caterpillars, snails and butterflies were there to represent the insects.

Birds were there to, um, look cute.  The strawberries too.  (Isn't artistic license grand?)

I was super pleased with the plaque.  I inserted a mini flower up on the top.  Dressed it up a bit I think.

I've got to remember to do that with other minis!
I was so glad that she wanted a lot of minis.  They're always my favorite.

What?  Crabs aren't insects?  But we live in Maryland, and they're adorable, and I couldn't resist.  It's the whole artistic license thing again.

What again?  Crabs have legs?  Haven't you ever seen a crab missing a claw or leg?  Well this guy apparently lost 6 legs.  Artistic license?

Ok, I forgot to pipe his legs.  Dang it.  You would think that if I hadn't noticed while decorating, I would have noticed while he was front and center in all of the photos I took of the minis.  Sheesh.

Girly, flowers, insects, summery, lots of minis?  Check.

Birds, strawberries, and legless crabs?  Check.


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