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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Selling Cookies

I've decided to go for it.  Selling cookies that is.

So far, I've only made cookies for family and friends.  I knew that I'd eventually want to start selling, but there's so much to be done to get started.

I need a commercial kitchen to bake out of.  I've got that.

I need a license from the health department.  That's in the works.

I need a website to show my cookies and prices.  This is the major problem.  I just don't know how to price!  Well, I know the prices I want, I just don't know how to clearly get that across to potential customers.

Do I charge by the platter - small, medium, and large?

Do I charge by individual cookie?

I've seen it done both ways.  (I've actually had it both ways on my website already!  First I had individual prices (per 6 cookies), now I've changed it to per platter.  Now I don't know!)

I prefer to show the price of each individual design and allow people to "build" their own platter.  Then there's the question - State the price per individual cookie, the price per 6 cookies, the price per dozen?  Oy.

If I just show the prices per platter, won't people want to make changes to it?  Like add a few extra cookies, or different designs, or something?  I would think so.

I'm thinking about a combo plan.  I can show actual platters and their prices.  I can also show individual designs and their prices for those that aren't interested in any of the platters as they are.

Will I confuse them? I want it to be clear, make it easy, and not scare them away with the prices.

Is there anyone with advice from me - either as a buyer or a cookie seller?  Here's my new website.

I just started a facebook business page.  I'd be thrilled if you followed me there.  I posed the question on my wall about suggestions for my website.  I'd love to hear your thoughts either here or there.

Thank you!!

Oh, and before I go. . .  I made these cookies last weekend. Can you spot the ridiculous mistake that I made? I need a do-over!

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  1. Hi! The small treat company that I bake for sells by the dozen, with a one dozen minimum order for regular decorated cookies, 1/2 dozen minimum order for photo cookies. And then each additional cookie is $X. We quote by the dozen "starting at $X/dozen," but they get a personalized quote for larger cookies, more decoration/personalization, special packaging, etc., just in case it costs more. Good luck to you.. your cookies will sell like hotcakes they're so beautiful!

  2. did you forget the legs on the crabs? so funny... I recently forgot one arm on ninja cookies. luckily they were just for my kids and not a paid order. My kids loved them though and said that they were so tough they didn't need two arms to kick butt! :)

  3. Thank you so much Maria! That was very helpful!

    Ha! Ha! Yes, I forgot the crab legs on that ONE cookie, that one that happens to be front and center. How could I have not noticed that?!

    The ninja story is awesome! :)


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