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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome to Tuesday's Tips - where I share just a little tidbit with you that I hope you'll find useful.

Today's tip is to number your basic shape cookie cutter sets.  Number them with a permanent marker.  Start with 1 for the smallest of the cutters and go up from there.

I number them for two reasons.

*  Just suppose that you don't always put your cutter sets back together neatly stacked in their bins.  Just suppose that they're floating around loose in those bins or even piled up waiting to be put away.  If that happens to be the case when you're digging around looking for a small round and you pick one up, you won't be left guessing as to whether or not that's the smallest one in that set if it's numbered.  You know right away the size of that cutter in relation to the others of the same set.

* Having the cutters numbered helps me remember later which cutters I've used for certain things.  I know that I used a #5 circle cutter for tennis balls and a #1 circle cutter for minis.  Maybe it's just me, but I find it much easier to remember the sequential numbers rather than measurements.  Sometimes I write down which cutter I've used.  I don't write the measurement.  I write the number that it's been assigned.  This is especially helpful on cutters like the hearts in the photo above, that don't have the measurements stamped on them.  No need to pull out a ruler and look for a 3" heart when you instead are looking for a #4 heart.  Retrieving that needed cutter couldn't be quicker!

Grab that permanent marker and get to numbering!  I think you'll be glad you did.

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