Google Sugar Dot Cookies: Cowboy Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing Glaze

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cowboy Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing Glaze

I made these for my cousin's sweet little one's first birthday. They were so fun to decorate.

I used RIG again and am still loving everything about it!

I was quite disappointed with the "Happy Birthday" cookie.  I wanted it to look like rope.  I painted the brown lines on with airbrush coloring.  Unfortunately the point of my paintbrush wasn't fine enough.  It's messy looking and blends in too much with the background.  I switched to  a different brush for the rope on the cowboy hats.  So much better!  I should have tested on one of those first, huh?

Here's the whole platter with bandana prints, cow prints, cowboy hats, sheriff stars and number one cookies ....


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