Google Sugar Dot Cookies: Black - Eyed Susan and Crab Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Black - Eyed Susan and Crab Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Sugar cookies celebrating the fabulous state of Maryland.

Our state flower - the Black-Eyed Susan.

Our state crustacean - the Blue Crab.  I always think that it's funny that we have a "state crustacean".  I wonder if any other state has one.

These crabs are no longer blue.  I suppose they represent the crabs as seen just before digging in at a crab feast!

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve the Black-Eyed Susan and crabs.

Every summer, we spent time at my Aunt and Uncle's house on a river.  We spent long days on the boats water-skiing, hours exploring, and running through cornfields.  At night, we'd pile into the jeep, wave and holler "Howdy neighbor" at anyone we'd see.  Yep, that was a highlight for me.

We always had crabs.  My dad and uncle would pick up those snapping guys with their hands.  I thought they were so brave.  I was too scared to go near them.

Then it would be hours and hours of crab picking.  All of the kids were expected to pick their own and not to waste one bit of meat.  We were to pick them clean before taking another.

At my uncle's house is where I fell in love with the Black-Eyed Susan.  During one of our adventures, we saw some Black-Eyed Susans.  I wanted to pick them, but was stopped by my cousin, telling me that it was illegal.  A flower so special that it was illegal to pick?  I was in love.

All these years later, I have no idea if it truly is illegal to pick Black-Eyed Susans or if it's just illegal to pick any flower that's not on your own property.  Back then, and for most of my life, that thought never even occurred to me.  All I knew was that it was "our" flower, it was protected, and I loved them.

When I got a house and had my very own garden, the Black-Eyed Susan was one of the first flowers to go in. I could pick them anytime I want.  A childhood dream come true.  We've moved to a new house and guess what had to go in this garden too?  I love these very special flowers!

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