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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Royal Icing Transfer Flowers

I love flowers - both in real life and in icing form.  Royal icing transfer flowers are a great way to decorate.  They're easy to make up ahead of time and they make quick work decorating the "day of".

The little daisies are just like the ones I used for my Kentucky Derby horses.  Thanks to Julia Usher for those.  I elongated the petals on some of them.  I love having two different kinds of daisies.

I've seen similar swirl roses to the ones I made here.  Most recently, Sugarbelle wrote up a tutorial on them.

Simple flowers and leaves on plain round cookies. 

I wanted to showcase my flowers on a different background.  I remembered the amazing "Twelve Days of Christmas" copper cutters that I won from Lilaloa.  I've been wanting to use the "Partridge in a Pear Tree" cutter to make a topiary.  Here was my chance!

I added one more type of flower to these - another "swirl" rose.  These were made with stiff icing and a tiny star tip, Wilton number 14.  These are the roses that I use frequently on my engagement stick figure cookies.

These topiary cookies are off to a far away land - Afghanistan.  There's a very special cookie decorator over there that also happens to be a warrior.  A hero.  I hope she enjoys the cookies!

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  1. I have been wanting to use that cutter for a topiary too!! These are so so pretty! I love the leaf texture!

  2. Thanks Georganne! The leaves weren't exactly what I wanted. Too lazy to thicken up my icing!


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