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Friday, January 24, 2014

Panda Bear Cookies

Chocolate and Vanilla Panda Bear Sugar Cookies

Little cuties, huh?  I've been admiring all of the adorable Japanese cookie cutters that I've seen online.  Just before Christmas, my husband bought a set for me!

For each panda shape there are multiple pieces and one for impressing the face.

It's hard to tell here but the vanilla pieces are layered on top of the chocolate bases.  My original plan was to make each panda only one layer, cutting spaces in the chocolate to drop in the vanilla.  That sure didn't work.  The pieces were just too small.

No royal icing in sight but the next time I use these, I plan on cutting out the bases and using the other cutters to make impressions.  Then decorate with royal icing as usual.

I've added that to the mighty long list of cookies I want to make.  Someday maybe I'll actually get to it!

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