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Friday, January 17, 2014

Washington, DC Wedding Cookies

Sugar Cookies decorated with royal icing - perfect for a wedding in Washington, DC.

Finally!  I've been wanting to decorate Washington, DC themed cookies for a long time.  I was scared.  I was intimidated.  I didn't know if I could pull it off.  I got another request for them, so it was time.  I had to do a test run before accepting the order.  I think I pulled it off!

The panda bears are the main attraction at the National Zoo.  I grew up with Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing.  They were DC celebrities.  Anyone else remember them?

I even did my senior project in high school at the Zoo.  The graphics department.  Thankfully not the animal clean up crew.  The only thing that I remember doing is drawing faces of animals that were to be used as a reference for face painting at the zoo.

Oh, and one other memory - Alicia (the other high schooler) having a beer when we went out to lunch!  A beer!  At lunch!  While we were working! Alicia was 18, the legal drinking age in DC way back then.  I guess I still haven't gotten over the shock of that, huh?

So here's sweet Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing in cookie form........

Is there anything more beautiful than cherry blossoms in DC?  I think not.

I made cherry blossom trees and flowers in cookie form.

Notice anything wrong with the trees?  The flowers on the trees have six petals!  What was I thinking?  I guess I wasn't.  They should only have five petals.  I'll try to remember to get that right next time!

Onto the Washington buildings and monuments.  This is what terrified me.  I wasn't able to get the cutters so had to try to create them on fancy rectangles.  The shapes of the buildings.  The details.  All of those lines that need to be semi-precise.  Yikes.

We have the Capitol dome, White House, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial.

I added some snowy skies on two of them.  Perfect for a winter DC event, right?

Cloudy and clear skies too.  Perfect for spring or summer.

I had intended to add some branches with fall leaves peeking in from the sides to represent the season of fall.  I quickly nixed that idea as I was decorating.  Not enough room.  It probably would have turned out awfully and ruined all of that work.  Sorry fall!

These Washington, DC themed cookies are available for purchase on my website.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. They are stunning, Dotty! The faces on those little pandas are so sweet and innocent :) And the white-one-white of the buildings is perfect!

  2. I am speechless! They are astonishing Dotty!!! I bow to your talent. The whole collection is mind-blowing. WELL DONE! You should be awards for this collection.

  3. Fantastic! I used to live in DC, and these bring back memories!

  4. Dotty:

    These are beautiful!!!! Love, Love, Love them!!!!! Saw the link on the forum and definitely needed to check it out!!!!

    Roxanne(Sugar Fairy)

  5. Dotty, these are just beautiful!!! Love everything about them!!! --Katy

  6. So beautiful. Do you know where to get a beautiful 5 petal flower cutter like yours? All I can find have 6 petals.

    1. The one I used is in this set. I cut off the stem.

    2. Thank you so much! I admire your work greatly and look forward to every picture you post- so perfect! Thank you for the tip so I can find that shape of a cutter.

    3. That's so sweet. Thank you!


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