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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Favor Bags for Cookies

Where to buy and what size favor bags do you need for cookies?

I've been asked this question many times, so thought I'd share.

I purchase my favor bags at Gifts International.  The prices are great, but the shipping is a bit high so order a lot at a time!

My bags are organized in plastic shoe bins, by size.

Some of my bagged cookies.....

I WISH that I could purchase 4" x 8" bags!  The 4" x 6" are often too short so I have to move up to a 5" wide bag.  I  really want 4x8ers!

 If you know of somewhere to purchase bags of that size, please let me know in the comments!

Questions for you: Let me know in the comments. 
Where do you purchase your favor bags?
What are your favorite sizes?

I'm now offering Online Live Video Classes! Would you like to know the sizes of favor bags that I purchase and use most often?  Would you like to know how I bag my cookies for local pick up and for shipping?  I have a class on this very subject.    Check it out and join me!

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Cookies are available for order through my website.

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  1. I buy most of my bags at PaperMart. I believe they have the size you need.

    1. Thanks Becky! Will check it out!

    2. Ooooh. Here they are at PaperMart!
      They're out of stock right now, though. :(

    3. Keep checking. They never stay out of stock for very long. I heat seal my bags and these work well.

    4. Thanks Becky! I'll keep checking!

  2. I received an email from Linda who alerted me to 4" x 2" x 9" gusseted bags at Nashville Wraps.
    These would be perfect when adding ribbon. Not sure about heat-sealing them because of the many layers of cello. Anyone with experience heat-sealing them? Thanks Linda!

  3. I buy my bags from gifts intl as well and always wish they had 4x7" or 4x8"!! Very same problem...great size for most of my cookies but too short a lot of times when tying with ribbon. I'll have to check out paper mart as well- thanks!

    1. Looks like the 4x8s are still out of stock. I've been buying the longer ones now at Gifts Int'l and just cutting them shorter.

  4. I use my foodsaver appliance to heat seal cello bags; I hold the seal for three seconds, cancel the seal function and then lift - If it's left to seal through the entire 'seal' automatic sequence, the bag melts too much.


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