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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thank You Cookies

These cookies were to go in some "Thank You" gift baskets.

I love to insert minis into a message cookie.  Kinda brings it all together.

I'm so excited for spring and spring cookies!  I think that flower cookies are one of my favorites.  I love the designs and colors.  They're cheery!

Of course I used my KopyKake for the writing.  What a lifesaver.

The cookies were put into treat bags.  A stick is going to be taped to the back and then they'll be inserted into the baskets.

I wonder what else is going into those baskets.

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  1. i'm so happy to see you posting again. As always these are adorable. I especially like the lettering. I would love to hear more about the entire process from how you compose the message to writing it on the cookie.

  2. Hi Marian!! I've been so bad about posting!

    Next time I do a message cookie, I'll try to remember to take pics and post about it. :)


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