Google Sugar Dot Cookies: Mice and Swiss Cheese Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing Glaze

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mice and Swiss Cheese Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing Glaze

A friend of mine bought the sweetest little mouse cutter for me so of course I had to make cookies for her.

These mice are supposed to have cute little tails.  Unfortunately they were lost in some horrible dough / cookie cutter accidents.  I just couldn't get them to release from the cutter without breaking!  I almost scrapped the whole project, then decided to just pipe the tails on with icing.  I think that it worked out just fine in the end!

So what goes with mice? Swiss cheese of course!  Call me crazy, but I think these little squares of cheese came out quite cute!

Can you tell what cutter I used for the mice heads?  Yep, a small heart.  That's a design by the brilliant Sugarbelle.
I had some major cratering on the mouse ears.  I tried to cover them with dots.  Thicker icing should help with that next time.

I haven't even mentioned the HUGE departure for me with this set.  I didn't use royal icing.  I used royal icing glaze!  An invention of the brilliant DippinPops AKA SweetP.  Here's her recipe.

It combines all of the benefits that royal icing and glaze have with none of the drawbacks.  I LOVED it.  This royal icing glaze (RIG) has the addition of corn syrup, glycerine, and cream of tartar.  It has a beautiful shine and elasticity to it.  It dries hard enough to stack but has a soft bite.  Not crunchy at all and delicious.  It stores amazingly well.  There was virtually no separation the next day.  Notice that it looks like royal icing.  It doesn't have the translucent look of glaze.

I'm going to keep playing with this, modifying the recipe a bit so that I get the consistency that works best for me.  I just may be a RIG convert.  Give it a try!


  1. Where are they just cute ..

    Have a nice weekend

    Hugs Susi

  2. Dotty, it's Marian and if you have already read my message on CRU you know what a technically inept person I am. The good news is that I finally did some checking and it turns out that g+1 is a good thing and that I did no harm. So back to the message I was trying to leave in the first place. I love the mice but especially like their being combined with the Swiss cheese. Such a clever idea.
    I'm going to try the royal glaze this weekend. See you soon.

  3. PS I've noticed your signature, three dots, on many of your cookies. Very, cool!

  4. Thanks Susi!

    I'm probably more technically inept Marian! Let me know how the RI Glaze goes!

    Marian, I think you're the first person that has noted the significant of the dots on most of my cookies! Yay! Finally! :)

  5. Well it's Sunday evening and I just finished whipping up a batch of RIG. AND, it is incredibly thick and has the consistency of marshmallow fluff. Did you have the same experience? If you did, did you use water to thin it some? I'm putting it in the fridge overnight and will deal with it tomorrow evening. Wish me luck M

  6. Mine was actually thinner than SweetP's. I added more powdered sugar. I think that you'll be fine with adding more water. It's beautiful when left in the fridge. No separation!

    Good luck! I'm glad you're trying it. I think you'll love it! Let me know how it goes!

  7. These are adorable. My friend is terrified of mice. I can't wait to make these for her. lol


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