Google Sugar Dot Cookies: October 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bulldogs and Argyle Baby Shower Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing Glaze

These cookies were made for a baby shower. The bulldog was taken from the invitations.  I made them into transfers.  Royal Icing transfers has got to be one of the best techniques ever.  Great results and no worries about messing up directly on the cookie.

Argyle.  Just the word sends shivers up my spine. These were an absolute nightmare.  First I piped on the grid pattern with a 1.5 tip.  I was totally pleased at that point.  The lines were perfect.  Once I started flooding them, those horrifying craters started appearing.  Bad.  Really bad.  They were absolutely unacceptable.  I tried a heat gun.  I tried a heat lamp.  Nothing was working.  I ended up adding the tiniest bit of royal icing glaze to each section.  Just a thin later.  Let that dry, then added more.  Sealing the cookie with a bit of icing did the trick.  No craters.  I was pleased with the result, but man, was it a long process to get them right!  Thankfully there were only 12 of them to do!

Mini bones and mini paw prints.  I worked on these as I stewed over how to fix the argyle.  I think they kept me sane.

The small cookies were for a platter.  The larger cookies were bagged up.

Will I ever do argyle again?  Dare I try it sometime using the wet-on-wet technique?  I don't know.  I won't get craters, but I'm not sure that the design will be as crisp.

Maybe as in childbirth, I'll forget the pain and give it another go.  Ha ha!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jack-o-Lantern Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing Glaze

A birthday party at the pumpkin patch!  How fun is that? 

I made these jack-o-lantern cookies for the party.  Bagged up and ready to be handed out to the kiddos.

I made a stencil so that the faces would be all alike.  I traced the stencil onto ONE cookie then changed my mind on that idea.  I put the stencil into the Kopykake projector and it was so much faster and more accurate!

A white stencil against the black in the kopykake worked like a charm.  It was amazing how well it showed up.  If you have a KK, try a stencil in there sometime!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Engagment Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing Glaze

I've done three sets of engagement cookies in the recent weeks.

But first, here's one that I did many months ago, but never posted. The design for the cookie on the top right came from here.  Sweet stick figure engagement couples.  I made rolled royal icing roses for the girls' hair.

The ones below, I just made recently.  It was for a Maryland crab feast engagement party!  That's the "save the date" calendar that I've done a few times.  I love it.  The design is Haniela's.

My calendars came out much better this time.  I used the Kopykake for the lines instead of free-handing.  I also used dragees for the engagement ring instead of sugar as I did above.

And one more stick figure set. . .

These are a little different, huh?  It was for my cousin's engagement party.  The party and the wedding have a football theme.  I merged the dress cut outs with mini football cut outs.  I love that the footballs are pink.  Very girly.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Catching Up

I've got a backlog of cookie photos that I haven't had time to post.  These are cookies that I made a few weeks ago.

A retired teacher reunion.  Scrabble cookies with the school's initials . . .
Edit:  I should have mentioned that I used this video tutorial on University of Cookie for the wood grain.
Minis in the school's colors . . .
And the whole platter . . .

A gender reveal party for a Maryland baby.  Pink and blue crabs.  I just love that people are wanting crab cookies for baby celebrations!
The platter . . .
A couple at the party recently got engaged, so we needed a couple of hearts just for them . . .

Poker cookies.  These were for a friend that hasn't been feeling well.  I almost didn't give them to him.  The poker chips were riddled with craters and they bled!  I've never had bleeding before or cratering that bad.  I chose the best of them to photograph.  I really should have photographed the worst of them too.  It was an embarrassment but I figured that they would still cheer him up.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Maggie's Bake Shop

We have a new bakery opening up in my town!  I'm so excited!  Not just because we need a bakery, but also because I'll be baking there!  I'll be using the kitchen for my own orders AND my cookies will be available there for purchase!

Maggie's Bake Shop will be opening next weekend, October 20th in Middletown, MD.  There's going to be a grand opening celebration with a ribbon cutting, free samples and drawings for delicious prizes.

I'll be making 200 of these minis to give out!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Cookie Decorating Class

This was a class I taught in Frederick, MD - cookie decorating for beginners.

These are the samples that I made . . .

Here I am discussing "wet on wet" and "wet on dry" techniques . . .

Students making royal icing . . .

Students decorating their cookies . . .

Their cookies! . . .

It was a fun night!  Thank you all for coming out!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Halloween is getting close!

I played with a bunch of different designs......

Tombstones, spider webs and a mummy.

Witch's hat, ghost, pumpkin and cute Frankenstein.

Sweet minis to go along with them.

These were super fun!  Monster cupcakes!?  Ha!  I got the idea here.

I made all of these quite some time ago.  Some of them were used to teach my cookie decorating class that was held last night.  More on that later!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get Well Sugar Cookies at My Vegetarian Kitchen

So did you see my "Get Well Sugar Cookies" from some time ago?

They've been pinned and re-pinned quite a bit, so I often get requests for a copy of the label.

Here's Sara's Get Well cookies in a jar.  Fabulous, huh?  AND she's never made cookies before!!

They turned out beautifully!  I'm so impressed!

If you'd like a copy of the label, Mandi from made an editable pdf.  She has graciously shared it here so that I don't have to keep emailing copies.

Thanks Mandi and thanks Sara for sharing your cookies!

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