Google Sugar Dot Cookies: Halloween Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Halloween is getting close!

I played with a bunch of different designs......

Tombstones, spider webs and a mummy.

Witch's hat, ghost, pumpkin and cute Frankenstein.

Sweet minis to go along with them.

These were super fun!  Monster cupcakes!?  Ha!  I got the idea here.

I made all of these quite some time ago.  Some of them were used to teach my cookie decorating class that was held last night.  More on that later!


  1. Cute, cute,cute! The clas was wellllll worth the trip. How about some advanced techniques. I was thinking along the lines of some Julia Usher type things. A cookie tree perhaps?

  2. Dotty...your cookies are so amazing and picture-perfect. I missed the class you were offering at the Kitchen Studio; if you offer a very basic class for a true beginner some time in the future, I hope to get in on that!

  3. Thank you sooo much for coming out Marian! Julia Usher???? I'm nowhere near her level! Something 3D is a great idea!

    Wanda, my last two classes were for beginners. I'll post here and on facebook when we schedule another class. Thanks!


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