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Monday, May 14, 2012

Chocolate Coca Cola Cake

Pinterest.  *sigh*

I've been resisting the whole Pinterest craze.  I knew.  Just knew that I'd lose hours and hours of my life to it if I gave in.

Well, I gave in a few days ago and yes, I've already lost hours and hours of my life to it.

But I've gained a few things too like cleaning and organization tips and new recipes.

I thought that I'd use it to pin and organize recipes and maybe some crafty stuff that I already had bookmarked.  I started out pinning cookie recipes - some I've used and some I haven't yet tried.  But then I got lost.  Lost within Pinterest.  One thing just leads to another and another and another.

I saw a recipe there for Chocolate Coca Cola Cake.  I'd heard of it before.  I knew that it was a Southern classic but that's it.  It reminds me of Texas Sheet Cake - one of my very favorites!

Give me a recipe that has cinnamon and chocolate together and I'm there.

This recipe is so easy and delicious.  The Coke makes it kinda fun.

After the chocolate glaze sets, it's like a layer of fudgy deliciousness.

Here's the recipe that I repinned.

Here I am on Pinterest.  Join me there!

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