Google Sugar Dot Cookies: Vintage Pattern Embroidered Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vintage Pattern Embroidered Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Mr KopyKake and I had a fabulous date last Saturday night. I already showed you the embroidered cat and knitting cookies that we created together.

Here are three more designs that we worked on. These are from vintage patterns.

Super adorable monkey!

Sweet little bluebird.

Too cute Scottie dogs.

I took the liberty of adding the vines and berries (or are those flower buds?).  I may have gone a bit overboard there.

Gotta love those vintage embroidery patterns!

You can see all of my embroidered cookies here.


  1. Super cute! You are doing a great job with the embroidered cookies.


  2. The Scottie's, the bluebird, the monkey, I cant decide whic is the most adorable. Please tell me which KopyKake you own will you prInt the recipe that produced that perfect batch of cookies. Thanks for taking the time to share

  3. Thanks Marian!

    I have the Kopykake 300XK. I bought it at

    I've used two sugar cookie recipes:


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