Google Sugar Dot Cookies: Kitchen Sugar Cookies Embroidered with Royal Icing

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kitchen Sugar Cookies Embroidered with Royal Icing

I've made more embroidered cookies.  You can see my first set here.

As I mentioned in the other post, I have tons of embroidery patterns.  Some of my favorite modern patterns come from Sublime Stitching. Her designs are super fun!

I've stitched up many of them on kitchen towels and aprons . Here are a few . . .

Aren't they cute?

It looks like the exact pattern I have is no longer available but there's an updated version here.

I thought of these when trying to come up with my monthly cookie challenge design.  I wanted to make embroidered cookies.

This month's theme is "Home is Where the Heart is".  The cookies are to reflect anything about our homes.

I decided to focus on my kitchen.  That's where I spend most of my time.  If I'm not cooking, baking or cleaning up, I'm most often still there doing other things - on my laptop, going through mail, sewing at the table.

I pulled out my Sublime Stitching pattern and the KopyKake projector and got busy . . .

My kitchen is green so that's what I chose for the flooded royal icing background for the cookies.  Thankfully my kitchen isn't anywhere near the shade of green in these cookies!  It's a light, sage green but I had the darker icing already mixed up to be used for some leaves.  For convenience I just went with it.

I wish the background was lighter, but other than that, I love how they came out.  The embroidery.  The kitchen equipment.  They reflect me and my kitchen.

a measuring cup . . .
 measuring spoons . . .
 a timer . . .
 My favorite . . . a stand mixer . . .


  1. very clever! I think I must try this.

  2. Very cute. Where can I find the standmixer image? Thanks. Kathy

  3. It's a Sublime Stitching embroidery pattern. The exact one I used is no longer available, but another version is. There's a link to it in the post above.


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